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    Site News

    • June 30, 2006 The site has introduced new graphical updates for its game lobby. Dynamic icons for tables and players now appear in the table list and the players' avatars are shown in all player lists and invitations. These new updates were introduced for all multi-player games: Gin Rummy, Backgammon, Cribbage, Dominoes, Canasta, Pool and Chess. New dynamic icons are intended mostly for newcomers (like former MSN Zone players) so that they can better adjust to the site and understand what's going on and which table is free to join. The new icons were meant to be sufficiently eye-catching and yet relatively tiny and unobtrusive so that they occupy a very small portion of the lobby screen without interfering with the overall lobby view and functionality.

    • Jun 10, 2006 13 players participated in the online PDA (Professional Dominoes Association) High Roller tournament with big cash prizes. The first prize (331 $Tickets) went to DOMINOSBEST. Second prize (165 $Tickets) went to ShowMe_PDA. Third prize (55 $Tickets) went to Abu_Ahmedd.

    • Jun 9, 2006 The first Pyramids 250 $Ticket giveaway Super Jackpot tourney is underway... Although Pyramids game has just recently started, it has already become very popular among the players. See if you can resist playing Pyramids.... or join the fun :) Pyramids game is an exciting variation on a classic Tri-Peak Solitaire card game. Pyramids game has engaging animations built around the ancient Egyptian Pyramids. Other current Super Jackpot tourneys in progress include Poker-Rush and Rush-21 Solitaire -- each a $300 Tickets giveaway tournament.

    • Jun 8, 2006. Buckman, a PackMan-like game has been updated. The game now features a different maze for the second (final) level. As compared with original PackMan, aside from 3-D graphics and cool sound effects there's a whole new dimension for players -- they can compete in various on-site tournaments to win cash prizes.