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    At you can play for free or play to get cash (play for $ money prizes)
    play online pyramids  or tri-peak solitaire  
    Pyramids or Tri-Peaks Solitaire is a popular solitaire game of skill. The goal of Pyramids is to move all of the cards from the table to the discard while at the same time maximizing your score. You can click only those open cards that are 1 point above or 1 point below the top card on your discard pile. Suits are irrelevant. A King can be moved onto an Ace, and vice-versa. Longer sequences of moves earn you higher scores. The first removed card in one sequence gives you 10 points, the second one gives 20 points, then 30 points, etc. If you open a card from the stock this sequense starts from 10 again. You have one wild card (Joker) for all deals - it can be used to drop any card on it.


    Play Pyramids Online

                1) Select 'Play Pyramids online'
                2) When you login, press 'Play now' button to enter the playing room

    New players can just invent any unique user name and password and start playing.

    To play Pyramids, you would first need to login. With $Tickets in your account, you can play against other players for cash-equivalent $Tickets. If you get a higher score than your opponent(s) while playing a game, you will win Arcade Tournament in Pyramids and get a Cash Prize Pot.
    If you win in $Ticket arcade tournaments, the winnings will be deposited in your account and you will be able to convert it all to cash at any time without a fee.

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