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    At you can play for free or play to get cash (play for $ money prizes)
    play pool online  
    9-ball Pool is one of the most popular billiard games played.
    9-ball pool is played with nine balls 1-9 and the cue ball. With each shot, the cue ball must first touch the lowest ball on the table in order not to get a foul. A player's turn continues until the player misses, fouls, or wins the game by pocketing the 9-ball. After a missed shot, the other player has to shoot the ball from where it is. OR if a foul has occurred, the player has ball in hand. Players are not required to call any shots, including the 9-ball. The game ends when a player legally pockets the 9-ball or when a player fouls out.


    Play Pool Online

                1) Select 'Play Pool Online'
                2) When you login, select 'Main Hall' button to enter the playing room

    New players can just invent any unique user name and password and start playing.

    To play 9-Ball Pool and chat online, you would first need to login. At you can play for free. You can also play for $ money prizes if you buy playing $Tickets. With $Tickets in your account, you can play against other players for cash-equivalent $Tickets. If you win in $Ticket head-to-head tournaments or mini-tourneys, the winnings will be deposited in your account and you will be able to convert it all to cash at any time without a fee.

    This is the bible in the world of pool. It was originally written in 1978 and revised in 1998. The author is a champion player, indefatigable writer, and inexhaustible promoter of his sport. The book is twofold: the first a primer on pool, the second on three-cushion billiards. It starts with the fundamentals and goes on to run the table with lots of readable advice and detailed diagrams for how to play individual shots, including trick shots, strategies for eight- and nine-ball, and rules for the major pool games.

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