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    At you can play for free or play to get cash (play for $ money prizes)
    play cribbage online  
    A standard 52 card pack is used for two player Six-Card Cribbage. Cards rank K(high)Q J 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 A (low). A player wins a game once he scores 121 points. Points are scored for card combinations that occur during the play or in a player's hand or in the cards discarded to the crib at the beginning of a hand.
    There is also an older version of cribbage -- Five Card Cribbage that is still popular in United Kingdom. In 5-card Cribbage only 5 cards are dealt and the game is played to 61 points.


    Play Cribbage Online  Cribbage Hands

                1) Select 'Play Cribbage'
                2) When you login, select 'Main Hall' button to get to the game room

    New players can just invent any unique user name and password and start playing.

    To play Cribbage and chat online, you would first need to login. At you can play for free. You can also play for $ money prizes if you buy playing $Tickets. With $Tickets in your account, you can play against other players for cash-equivalent $Tickets. If you win in $Ticket head-to-head tournaments or mini-tourneys, the winnings will be deposited in your account and you will be able to convert it all to cash at any time without a fee.

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    If you want to win in cribbage, then you need to read this book. The book offers 50 expert tips, arranged progressively by difficulty. Start with the basics -- learn to count the points in any hand and correctly guess your opponent's cards. Find out how to play the odds if the dealer needs 2 holes, and why you shouldn't toss cards that total 10 into your crib. Play your least useful card early, anticipate your opponent to have a 5, and much more. The book offers great cribbage advice to cribbage players of all levels. Read it and find strategies to improve your game.

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