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    Contact Us Here is an affiliate site of GameColony. All of the external links here at to are set up so that receives proper affiliate credit for any new recommended new players who start playing via these links.

    How to Make $ Cash as an Affiliate uses an excellent's affiliate program -- a 'revenue sharing program'. This affiliate program works very well for us (and other affiliates) as players who we recommend love playing GameColony networks' 20 games (Gin, Dominoes, Cribbage, etc.). When PlayGetCash (as an affiliate) recommends money players to the common network, our site earns recurring commissions -- 20% recurring referral fees EACH time the referred player plays for cash.

    When an affiliate recommends someone who signs up and starts playing at GameColony network's money Tournaments and head-to-head games of skill, 20% of per-game profit that came from the referred player, would go into an affiliate's account. If the recommended money player keeps playing for a while, our affiliate's account keeps growing and growing...

    Affiliates can cash-out funds from their accounts with no fee to PayPal or NETeller. PayPal (owned by a publically traded company EBay) is the biggest Internet payment systems with over 70 million users worldwide. Both PayPal and NETeller are secure internet banking systems that accept credit cards and many other payment options.

    You can also become a recommender (or affiliate) at and start earning cash for your referrals:

    There are a couple of ways to become an affiliate at and get proper credit for the players that you recommended. First off, affiliates have to sign up and register as regular players -- free players is OK. Here's the easy way to start earning cash for referrals:
    • Let's suppose that you have already signed up and registered at (confirmed your email via Manage Account! as a regular player with the nickname like: want_money_cash22.

      After that, you will be able to use the 'magic' link

      This referral link will become like a magic wand that will give you get credit for recommending players who first got to play via your link.

      You can put that referral link above with some promotional verbage either in email to friends. You can leave this link with some marketing lingo in blogs or forums or some other high-traffic places anywhere on the Net.
      Or, if you have a web site, you can put that affiliate link right there visibly enough on your web site.

      Slowly but surely, the recommended players will start playing at first for free and then playing for cash. From your Manage Account area, you will see a lot of information (except for private info) on all players that you recommended and who/when they played and for how much. You will see who won and what the total commission was and what your 20% share of it was. The recommender fees are immediately credited into your account right after every money game.